Sea Pines Lodge

Camp Darby, near Pisa, Italy

The Camp Darby Website contains the current information and can be found at

Location DSN Phone
Sea Pines Lodge 633-7225
FAX 633-7758
Information, Tours & Registrations 633-7589
Outdoor Recreation 633-7491
American Beach 633-7800
Equipment Checkout Center 633-7775

Address: CDR, Livorno AST
  Attn: Sea Pines Lodge
  Unit 31301, Box 60
  APO  AE  09613

Reservations can be made Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Any reservations not confirmed by phone 24 hours in advance or by deposit may be cancelled at 6 PM on the day of said reservation. If a monetary deposit is sent, the reservation will be held until noon of the following day. Any changes to your reservation can be made during reservation hours.

Check-in time is 2 PM
Check-out time is 10 AM

Gas Coupons

Only American Active Duty military and civilians on leave are authorized to purchase gas coupons at the AAFEES Exchange. When purchasing gas coupons, you must present your Leave orders and car registration or rental car agreement (POV's and rentals cannot be registered in Italy) to the Provost Marshall on base next to the Fire Station. If you're using a borrowed POV, you'll need a Power of Attorney. After the Provost Marshall fills out a form, take that form to the cashier in the PX to get your 200 liters of gas coupons. Buying gas on the economy costs about $4.70 per gallon!!

Esso gas coupons from Germany are not valid in Italy. The gas coupons available in Italy are accepted at any AGIP or IP gas station. You cannot pay for gas in dollars at the AGIP gas station on Camp Darby, so be sure to buy your coupons first.

Information, Tours & Registration (ITR)

The ITR office located on Camp Darby can help you with vacationing ideas. Daily trips include Rome, Florence, Venice and many others. Any tour questions or directions needed, call ITR at DSN 633-7599.

Major Area Attractions

Children, Youth and Teens

Many summer activities are planned this year at both Child Development Services and the Youth Services Center. To enroll your children in either hourly child care or summer activities for school-age kids, you must bring your CDS/YS card or shot records and physician's certificate performed within the last year. For more information, call DSN 633-7903 / 633-7459

American Beach

The American Beach is located 4 miles from Camp Darby in the Italian Riviera resort town of Tirrenia, and will be open daily from 24 May to 2 Sept 1996. The beach, which is staffed with American Red Cross certified life-guards, offers beach chairs and umbrellas, cabanas and paddle boats at reasonable prices. Additional beach services include picnic tables, playground equipment, grills, volleyball and an American Snack Bar.
Tirrenia is one of the most famous resort towns on the Tyrrhnian Sea, and has nightly discos as well as art galleries and lots of opportunities for shopping.

We went to the town of Marina de Pisa, 5 km north of Tirrenia. It has a nice small beach protected by wave breakers. Our children loved the starfish that washed up to the shore!


The Lodge consists of 24 rooms that can accommodate up to four people. The rooms include a satellite TV, VCR, refrigerator, private bathroom, daily maid service and private telephone. Prices range from $41 per night for 1 person to $61 per night for 4 people. Cribs are $3 per night and pets require a $50 refundable deposit and cost $3.50 per night.


The Sea Pines Campground has 48 electrical sites (220V), 41 non-electrical sites, 2 handicapped sites and 3 large grassy overflow areas. All of our sites are big enough to accommodate 2 four-man tents or a regular sized caravan. There are BBQ grills, sinks and picnic tables located throughout the campground area. Prices range from $14 per day to $18 per day.


There are twenty pre-fabricated cabins on the campground that can accommodate up to four people comfortably. Each cabin has 3 SMALL rooms; one with a double bed, one with a bunk bed and one with a kitchen table, small refrigerator and small TV. Each cabin has a front porch (not screened). The cabins are heated and have 220v outlets, they are not air-conditioned and they do not have running water or bathroom facilities!! There are two large shower facilities at each end of the campground. Linen is not p rovided. You basically get a matress. You bring the sheets, pillows, blankets, towels, etc. Prices range from $46 per night to $51 per night, based on the season.

We thought the cabins were WAY overpriced. The rooms were very small. The room dimensions are approximately 8' x 5', 8' x 8' and 8' x 10'. Judge for yourself.

Created 5/1/96; Updated 5/1/96 by Tom Nunamaker