ToShop.Com - Tom's Tools

Welcome to I've been programming for many years and put useful tools on this website to help me do things better and faster.

There are three main areas

  • Tools
    These are random tools to help you do different things, like find unique items on a list, or resize images or generated a link for something online that you can download it with...any more.
  • ColdFusion Code
    I've been coding with ColdFusion since 1996. I use a lot but I put a few interesting things I've written here for you.
  • Trading
    I've worked in the Option Trading business since 2007. I created made a few tools to help option traders that are free to use.
  • Infusionsoft
    This is coming. I have a few tools I coded to integrate with the Infusionsoft API, similar to PlusThis. I already published s few articles about it at my blog (

Enjoy the web site!

Tom Nunamaker

PS: DISCLAIMER: I do have affilate links to some sites to help keep the website running. If you purchase something that I referred you to via one of these links, I'll get a commission.